7 Day 7 Room's Color : Good Meaning

Culture Inspired : Red  |  Yellow  |  Pink  | Green | Orange | Blue | Purple 

Red Room Inspiration

Red Room Style Red Room Style  Red Room Style  Red Room Style
     Sunday - Red      is a symbol of wealth, health and desire. Believing that red will have the highest power when coupled with people born on Sunday, red may mean lucky for those who start a new business. Married couple and longevity In terms of health, redness also helps in blood circulation, enhancing long-lasting relationships as well.

Yellow Room Inspiration

Yellow Room Style  Yellow Room Style  Yellow Room Style   Yellow Room Style
     Monday - Yellow      is often referred to as the brightness, brightness, trust, sun, yellow rays that give life to life. Yellow is a symbol of new life and a better life. With brightness Yellow also helps to cleanse the mind that helps to make the best decision for the matter. Business and life leading to abundance

Pink Room Inspiration

Pink Room Style Pink Room Style Pink Room Style  Pink Room Style
     Tuesday - Pinkู     makes the desire of the red color tender, becoming a soft red color. Pink helps the heart to make better decisions. Especially with lovers because pink means durable and unconditional love Including friendship In pink health, creating a balance between physical and mental health

Green Room Inspiration

Green Room Style Green Room Style Green Room Style  Green Room Style
     Wednesday-Green      is a symbol of prosperity and reflects the lively power of life. Green is believed to have many useful features. For example Helps to relax the eyes ,ingenuity and courage and help prevent from disease.

Orange Room Inspiration

Orange Room Style Orange Room Style Orange Room Style Orange Room Style
     Thursday-Orange      is the best color for people born on Thursday. Orange represents hope and gratitude. Helping change the world into a fascinating place to live. Help promote and bring hope to unfortunate people outside life. Then still believe that orange helps to reveal the feeling that is good when Showing true feelings in the field of green health, preventing infection from germs and making good health

Blue Room Inspiration

Blue Room Style Blue Room Style Blue Room Style Blue Room Style
     Friday - Blue      represents peace Peace and dreams Help make marriage smooth and long Which is the most powerful when being with Friday For those who do business Blue helps stop the fight. Create a new partnership and help with the courage to do difficult things. Helps to treat lazy and mental energies as well

Purple Room Inspiration

Purple Room Style Purple Room Style Purple Room Style Purple Room Style
     Saturday-Purple     is a combination of red desire and serenity of blue. Purple is known for its mystery. Glory Purple is a color that is useful for people who are serious and crazy because they help to control. Emotions relax the mind and release from the obligation due to anxiety about life. From many beliefs This color is suitable for people born on Saturday.

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